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Milk the Sun is the new online marketplace for PV projects in the range of €50K to €6M with value-adding services for owners and investors.

Company Information

  • ECO12 Award category: Startup
  • Company name: Milk the Sun GmbH
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Company address: Chausseestraße 29, 10115 Berlin, Germany
  • Founding year: 2012
  • Company status: private company
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @MilktheSun1
  • Facebook:
  • Contact person: Felix Krause, CEO, Milk the Sun,
  • CEO: Felix Krause (Photo)

Felix Krause Photo

Elevator Pitch

Together in 2009, Dirk Petschik and Felix Krause founded LuzSolar as a project development and management company for Photovoltaic installations with an investment range of €50K to €6M. Immediately, LuzSolar was faced with chains of agents which increased project costs and prevented market transparency. Investors had frequent inquiries regarding the sale of their solar system before the return period on the 20‐year investment. Stemming from this demand and the inefficiency of seemingly endless middlemen, Milk the Sun was founded. Current invested capital in this specific market segment exceeds €117 Billion in Europe and the market is expected to double by 2015. Milk the Sun launches in March 2012 as the new European online broker for PV systems. Every participant within the PV industry is able to trade rights to build a photovoltaic system, photovoltaic installations and grounds for photovoltaic installations exclusively through Milk the Sun. The platform includes individual sale possibilities but focuses on and realizes the big picture with an innovative lifecycle approach enabling PV projects to remain on the platform for more than 20 years and generate recurring revenue. This will enhance European free trade of PV projects and establish a secondary market for photovoltaic systems that has only been available through personal contacts and long agent chains. In addition to trading installations, automated tools are provided to make installations more efficient (e.g. performance evaluation based on nearby installations) and to manage portfolios online (Software‐as‐a‐Service). The individually tailored services and key partner contacts such as insurance, banking, technical, commercial and legal services encompass the full service of Milk the Sun.

Smart Green Product

Besides the obvious effect of making solar investments more transparent and creating liquidity in the market, Milk the Sun provides easy to use administration tools for developers and management of PV installations. It is possible to benchmark installations, costs and services to increase efficiency, investment security and returns on investments. Hence Milk the Sun will increase the positive effects and more money will be invested into this market. Below is a preview screenshot of our new website which will be launched in March 2012.

Milk the Sun Product Screenshot


  • Funding: Seed funded by founders
  • Investors: Founders and Vorwärts GmbH
  • Employees: 2012E: 6
  • Revenues: not disclosed
  • Further milestones: Website launch in March 2012

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