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Electric vehicles use less energy and cause less pollution than normal vehicles. They make the world smarter and greener – and we sell them.

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Lautlos durch Deutschland GmbH is a German-wide partner network, specializing in selling and renting of various electric vehicles from pedelec to electric car. It was founded in 2009 by Beres Seelbach, Manuela Dannenberg and Sven Strube, who shared a vision of a city free from noise and fumes. At the moment we have two own offices in Berlin and Salzgitter and 15 partners all over Germany – and this number is currently growing. We don‘t sell prototypes, but highly qualitative series vehicles which we test ourselves before putting them into our portfolio. Besides that we offer all kinds of emobility services: from individual consulting to financing or repair, organisation of road shows and events; in one word everything to bring electric mobility on the road. Our clients are private customers as well as various companies, utilities, institutes and agencies. Our USPs are: year-long experience and sufficient knowledge of the emobility market, broad variety of vehicles, individual approach to every client, individual financing and leasing options, numerous selling and service points throughout the whole of Germany.

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Electric vehicles are innovative and environmentally friendly. They neither contaminate the air nor produce much noise and are usually really fascinating in their performance, especially in acceleration. Certainly the current range limitations (electric cars currently have an average range of 130 km) don’t allow one to make really huge trips, but are almost in all cases sufficient for all usual daily affairs. A significant advantage is also extremely low mobility costs, on average €3 to drive 100km with an electric car, for an ebike mobility costs are recuded to 50 Cents! And last but not least we should not forget the most important feature of electric mobility which is that electric vehicles – when powered by regenerative sources of energy – make mobility completely sustainable.

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