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Translucent, light, flexible – the future of PV is organic. Heliatek makes solar a widespread technology, opening up new dimensions in PV.

Company Information

  • ECO12 Award category: Startup
  • Company name: Heliatek GmbH
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Company address: Treidlerstraße 3, 01139 Dresden, Germany
  • Founding year: 2006
  • Company status: private company
  • Website: www.heliatek.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/heliatek
  • Twitter: @heliatek
  • Contact person: Steffanie Rohr, Head of Marketing, steffanie.rohr@heliatek.com
  • CEO: Thibaud Le Séguillon (Photo)

Thibaud Le Séguillon Photo

Elevator Pitch

Heliatek was spun-off in 2006 from the Technical University of Dresden and the University of Ulm. The company’s founding brought together internationally renowned expertise in the fields of organic optoelectronics and organic oligomer synthesis. As global technology leader in organic photovoltaics based on small molecules, Heliatek helps to shape a sustainable solar future. At the moment, the company is making the transition from pure technology development to industrial manufacture. The goal is to soon mass-produce organic photovoltaic panels using a rapidly deployable and efficient roll-to-roll vacuum process. Market segments are just as versatile as the properties of this cutting-edge technology: Target markets range from small energy-2-go applications for consumers, off-grid applications for remote industries or rural electrification of sunbelt-regions over to automotive and transport solutions as well as sophisticated BIPV applications for windows, facades or roofs. Heliatek teams with industry leaders of each market to develop solutions that meet the individual industry requirements. Heliatek’s first factory is inaugurated on 12 March 2012 in Dresden.

Smart Green Product

The organic modules produced on PET foil (available mid-2012) will be lightweight, flexible, ultra-thin and translucent. The outstanding performance parameters (e.g. no power-loss with increasing temperatures, superior lowlight characteristics) and its great design freedom allow for nearly limitless application possibilities, opening up new dimensions in truly clean solar energy. This technology only requires 4 gram of easily available organic material to manufacture 1 sqm of PV and the cells do not contain any heavy metals but only organic materials. The low process temperatures are another factor that contributes to the very short energy payback time.

Heliatek Product


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