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G24i’s Dye Sensitised Cells are 3G solar modules based on the Graetzel Cell that harvest energy from sunlight and are thin and flexible.

Company Information

  • ECO12 Award category: Startup
  • Company name: G24 Innovations Ltd.
  • Country of origin: UK
  • Company address: Wentloog Environmental Centre, Wentloog Avenue, Cardiff, CF3 2GH, Wales, UK
  • Founding year: 2006
  • Company status: private company
  • Website: www.g24i.com
  • Contact person: Danielle Wing, Marketing & Communication Officer, G24 Innovations, danielle.wing@g24i.com
  • CEO: Richard Costello (Photo)

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Elevator Pitch

G24 Innovations (G24i) is the leading developer and manufacturer of third generation Dye Sensitised Cells (DSC) which was invented by Prof. Michael Graetzel (Graetzel Cell). G24i’s advanced photovoltaic cells can be used to produce electricity in both indoor (low-light) and outdoor environments. It is their ambition to lead the way in energy harvesting that taps into intelligent PV technology and simultaneously work with like-minded market leaders to bring compelling, environmentally friendly and innovative products to market. Everything that G24i does fits with their business-wide ethos, to have a positive impact on the environment. It is part of G24i’s business strategy to promote sustainability worldwide. Their commitment to the environment is demonstrated by their unique products, the positive impact their technology will have on sustainability and their use of green energy in the production of their green technology from a 120 metre tall wind turbine. G24i has a broad market scope, essentially any product which requires AA or AAA batteries can integrate a DSC module for an environmentally friendly and more sustainable energy source, reducing landfill waste and carbon footprint. The Founder and Executive Chairman is Edward Stevenson, Co-Founder and Director is Robert Hertzberg.

Smart Green Product

G24i is a global supplier of dye sensitised cells (DSC) which harvest light energy and convert it into electrical energy, it is effective in all light conditions including indoor, ambient light. By collaborating with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) G24i’s DSC is easily integrated into product designs to power a wide range of electronic devices including window blinds and shades, computer accessories, remote controls, sensors, personal healthcare products and much more. Based in Cardiff, the factory is the world’s first renewable products company to be powered by renewable energy from a 120 metre tall wind turbine. G24i’s DSC has a number of advantages over other indoor photovoltaic products traditionally made from silicon such as the fact that it is much more flexible, lightweight and durable. These groundbreaking DSC modules have the potential to make disposable batteries obsolete. 15 billion disposable batteries are thrown away every year worldwide, and end up in landfill. Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel, which can contaminate the environment and cause hazards when not properly disposed of. A 50mm long two lane G24i DSC module produces 20% more electricity than the amount stored in two AA batteries based on ten hours a day of use for six months.

G24 Innovations Dye Sensitised Cell


  • Funding: $50M in 2008
  • Investors: Morgan Stanley ($20M) and 4RAE ($30M)
  • Employees: 2011: 50
  • Revenues: confidential
  • Customers: confidential
  • Milestones: Energy Innovation Awards 2011 – Best International Trade Award