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EVTEC MobileFastCharger is a flexible 20kW fast charging station allowing for EV range extension and thus improving EV market acceptance.

Company Information

  • ECO12 Award category: Startup
  • Company name: EVTEC AG
  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • Company address: Titlisstrasse 1, 6020 Emmenbrücke, Switzerland
  • Founding year: 2010
  • Company status: private company
  • Website: www.evtec.ch
  • Youtube: www.youtube.com/EVTECAG
  • Contact person: Stefan Liechti, Mechanical Engineer, EVTEC, s.liechti@evtec.ch
  • CEO: Markus Kramis (Photo)

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Elevator Pitch

EVTEC AG was founded in July 2010 as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) by Markus Kramis, Roland Bucher and Marco Piffaretti. The company is specialized in the domains of electronics, power electronics and control with a strong focus on emobility and charging infrastructure. The EVTEC team has gained large experience in the development of electric vehicles from conceptual work through to prototyping. Additionally, EVTEC has developed an AC home charging station and a DC charging station following CHAdeMO standard, which both have found a ready market. Our young and ambitious team offers fast and flexible service. We are supervising and supporting different teaching projects at one of the leading European Technical Universities, ETH Zurich, which enables us to be up to date with latest research and to build up a network of skilled engineering personnel. For sales and distribution of our products we have found strong cooperation partners in Protoscar (Switzerland), e8energy (Germany) and Schrack Technik (Austria) and are currently focusing on the European market.

Smart Green Product

Studies showed that a good portion of motorists consider buying an electric vehicle. However, the majority of them see one of the biggest disadvantages of EVs in the limited range. Therefore, fast charging infrastructure is regarded as a key element for EV market acceptance. We want to help build this infrastructure with our innovative product MobileFastCharger (MFC). As it is very difficult to predict customer behaviour in emerging markets like fast charging infrastructure, we are happy to present the ideal product for first generation public fast charging. Compared to rival products, MFC is mobile and easy to install, which gives the companies entering the public fast charging business utmost flexibility. Thereby, EVTEC helps the EV market to make the breakthrough, which in turn yields a more energy-efficient and environment-friendly transportation sector. EVTEC MobileFastCharger has been developed as a mobile DC fast charge device following the CHAdeMO-Protocol and is therefore compatible with market-leading EVs like Mitsubishi iMiEV, Citroën C-Zero and Nissan Leaf. MFC is the adaptor between existing infrastructure and the DC fast charge socket on the vehicle. MFC can operate on every three-phase plug (CEE 16/32A) without any additional installation costs and charges the battery of your EV at 20kW.

EVTEC Mobile Fast Charger


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  • Employees: 2012: 7
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