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Eco Fashion and Green Lifestyle – we offer green alternatives for every product you might want to buy. Green Style is good style.

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Avocado Store GmbH was founded in March 2010 by Philipp Glöckler and Stefan Uhrenbacher. At that time, it was very difficult to find good alternative products online. Some little dealers could not be found at all, other shops did not show clear enough why they are different to “normal” products. Comparing prices was very time consuming. The idea was to build a strong community where consumers can find sustainable products and local producers have a platform to present and sell their products.

This has many advantages: Consumers can compare prices and similar products without having to surf hours through the net. Producers do not have to invest time in building an online shop or dealing with payment methods as Avocado Store does this work for them, as well as providing PR and marketing services like SEO-texting, affiliate marketing or retargeting programmes. Avocado Store makes it easy to find and buy GOOD products that are an alternative to many conventional products. Our target group are people that want to consume better and producers that produce sustainable products.


  • Funding: confidential
  • Investors: confidential
  • Employees: 2011: 6
  • Revenues: confidential
  • Customers: More than 220 dealers with sustainable products that match one of Avocado Store’s selection criteria (e.g. Fair Trade, social trade, recycled, cradle to cradle).
  • Milestones: Wirtschaftswoche Gründerpreis 2010, Deutsche-Startups.de Startup of the Year 2010, several media deals, e.g. with Zeit online or Brigitte
  • Product examples: Viva con agua bottle that reminds people to drink more tap water and less mineral water while supporting projects of Viva con Agua. SunnyBAG that allows you to charge your electronic devices with solar energy.