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We enable people to share their car with neighbours, fully insured! Through a smarter use of resources, less new cars need to be produced.

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Autonetzer is the airbnb for cars: Car owners can share their cars with neighbours and thus reduce the cost for their car. People in need of a vehicle can rent it conveniently through our platform – at affordable prices and nearby. We are the marketplace that helps to match both groups and we take care of easy and safe processes. We provide a full insurance cover for all types of accidents and regardless of the car owner’s personal insurance. As a community, we provide several features for transparency and easy ways of communication between users. The use of the platform is completely free: Only if a booking is successful, we keep a small success fee. As part of the collaborative consumption trend, we believe that sharing will become a major aspect of our lives. Facilitated through the Internet and mobile devices, sharing helps owners to reduce their cost while others get affordable access to resources. The peer-to-peer aspect makes it possible to meet great new people and help each other. For the environment sharing is beneficial because less resources need to be produced. With a population of more than 42 million private cars in Germany and a growing number of people without a car, we think the market is ready for disruptive business models. Compared to incumbent players like car rentals or traditional car sharing, our approach is not limited to rental stations in big cities but is in fact nationwide. Our cars are more affordable since private owners don’t need to charge for overhead cost. And there is the social and sustainable aspect that traditional car rentals can’t offer.

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A marketplace for people to share private cars: Easy search for cars nearby, safe and convenient booking, full insurance coverage for the rental period and community features for trust and transparency. It’s never been so easy to make better use of cars that sit idle for 90% of the time.

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  • Funding: not disclosed
  • Investors: not disclosed
  • Employees: 2011: 6 including founders
  • Revenues: not disclosed
  • Customers: Car owners who want to share their car with neighbours to earn some money, meet nice people and help the environment. On the other hand, people without (the right) car who are looking for affordable mobility nearby.