Yueksel Sirmasac pitches the smart home startup Rockethome

Ecosummit TV: Yueksel Sirmasac, Founder and CEO, pitches Rockethome from Cologne. The German startup provides a software platform to utilities and enables them to offer userfriendly smart home and smart energy applications. Rockethome was founded in 2010, has 25 employees and already 30 customers. Rockethome provides a connected platform that analyses and optimises energy consumption and production data, e.g. from solar or CHP systems, and enables the user to change his energy behaviour with the help of a smart home control system.

ECO12 Yueksel Sirmasac Rockethome

The system also communicates with electric cars and their batteries. The user applications are available on mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Altogether, Rockethome offers a proven one-stop solution for utilities that want to empower their customers to become smart green consumers and producers.

ECO12 Yueksel Sirmasac Rockethome

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