Tom Schulz presents how Entelios brings demand response to the market

Ecosummit TV: Tom Schulz, Co-Founder and COO of Entelios, pitches the German demand response management startup at ECO12 Berlin. According to the Smart Energy Demand Coalition, intelligent cooperation between consumption, transmission, distribution and generation acting as equal partners in the electricity market is at the heart of the smart grid. Entelios sits between the demand side and the supply side and balances both by aggregating and shifting electricity demand away from peak hours, or rather peak minutes.

While in the US demand response already is a multi-billion dollar market, in Europe proactive energy demand management is a new thing, very often handicapped by a regulatory environment that only supports the companies that generate power instead of the ones that save energy. Capacity markets are needed. Nevertheless, Tom believes in the benefits of demand response as it is fast, green and capital efficient.

The ECO12 Berlin presentation slides of Tom are available as PDF.

ECO12 Tom Schulz Entelios

ECO12 Tom Schulz Oliver Stahl Entelios

ECO12 Berlin Oliver Stahl Entelios

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