Tilman Eichstaedt of Inventux on Thin-film Solar and German Grid Parity in 2011

Tilman Eichstaedt, management team member of Inventux, gave a very interesting presentation at ECO11 about the Berlin-based thin-film solar manufacturer and the future prospects of solar power. According to Tilman, we will have reached grid parity in Germany in the second half of this year. The feed-in tariff in Germany for larger installations (more than 1.000 KW) will be around €0.20 per KWh in Q3 and Q4 of 2011 while people pay €0.22 per KWh in Germany.

In many parts of the world the sun shines twice as much as in Germany which halves the price. €0.10 per KWh in large parts of the world is a reality. That’s an important message. With €15M fresh capital, Inventux can build another 120-150 MW factory in Berlin.

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