Steven Fawkes of Matrix knows how to make energy efficiency work at scale

Ecosummit TV: Steven Fawkes, Partner at Matrix Group in the UK, is a real expert in energy efficiency and presents his insight into the most promising business models and investment opportunities. In fact, mankind is still extremely energy inefficient. We only use 11% of the primary energy for useful energy such as electricity or heat, the rest is wasted in the process of energy production, conversion and transmission. There are lots of areas where we can increase energy efficiency such as industrial processes, transportation, energy generation and buildings.

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Retrofitting buildings is one of the largest opportunities that we have as the lifetime of buildings is rather high. Efficiency is a key resource that can be very profitable if the right business models are applied that bring together the owners of efficiency assets and the companies that aggregate the necessary capital and know-how to exploit them. One of the fashionable business models is the energy service company (ESCO) which proposes shared savings as the main revenue stream. But Steven Fawkes believes that ESCOs are not the answer. To advance energy efficiency we rather need business model innovation which structures projects in a way that allows institutional investors to invest at scale. One example for such an innovative business model is the Energy Services Agreement which Steven explains on Ecosummit TV.

ECO12 Steven Fawkes Matrix Photo

ECO12 Steven Fawkes Matrix

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