Robert Schwemmer pitches Naporo, the cattail startup from Austria

Ecosummit TV: CTO Robert Schwemmer pitches the Austrian startup Naporo at ECO12 Berlin. Naporo’s product is the plant cattail which can be used as sustainable building material. Naporo’s technology processes the cattail biomass into non-woven fabrics that are sold as thermal building insulation and as a pre-product for the furniture and automotive industry. Naporo was founded in 2009, incubated at Tech2b and is backed by 3M. Now Naporo wants to raise €2.5M to set up inhouse production to reduce production costs by 40%. According to Robert, cattail is the new hemp and represents a global business opportunity.

ECO12 Robert Schwemmer Naporo

ECO12 Jan Michael Hess and Robert Schwemmer

ECO12 Robert Schwemmer Naporo

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