Peter Krebs pitches the green building software startup Sefaira

Ecosummit TV: Peter Krebs, Co-Founder and CTO of Sefaira, presents the UK-US startup at Ecosummit Berlin. Sefaira provides a web platform for the design, construction and retrofit of sustainable and energy efficient buildings. The startup was founded in 2009 and recently raised €8.5M ($10.8M) from Braemar Energy Ventures, Chrysalix SET and Hermes GPE. Green architecture is a big trend which is also accelerated by new laws. In the UK, by 2016, all new homes and commercial buildings must have a net zero carbon footprint in order to receive construction permission.

ECO12 Peter Krebs Sefaira

Sefaira is based on cloud computing which delivers the necessary design iterations for zero carbon buildings very quickly and cost efficiently. Fulcrum, Sefaira’s building physics engine, provides the results of one building analysis step in 10 seconds rather than hours. From a financial point of view, green architecture is all about minimising the OPEX of buildings over the entire building lifetime. Using Sefaira at the very first step of the design process can reduce OPEX by 80 to 90%. To all architects and building engineers out there, check out Sefaira now, I heard that the license fee is very affordable. If you all use sustainable building software, we can transform our cities to smart green cities a lot faster.

ECO12 Peter Krebs Sefaira

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