Pedro Pires de Miranda envisions the smart green urban future for Siemens

Ecosummit TV: Siemens is not Apple. While Steve Jobs envisioned a new HQ from outer space for 12.000 employees, Pedro Pires de Miranda just wanted a smart green city technology showcase, conference centre, public exhibition and cutting edge sales office for the Siemens competence centre Cities. 18 months and €60M later, The Crystal opened doors in September 2012 and already upgraded more than 120.000 visitors to a new understanding of our urban future. 2 weeks ago we celebrated Ecosummit London 2013 at Siemens’ new urbanity palace.

At ECO13 London and now on Ecosummit TV, Pedro talks about the megatrend urbanisation and why it matters for startups and corporates that want to do business in smart green cities. For the big city infrastructure investments we need public private partnerships. For better buildings we just need a good mix of smart green investors, architects, building engineers, suppliers and occupants who also believe that living in a smart green building in a smart green city with 5.000 friends is a good idea.

ECO13 London Pedro Pires de Miranda Siemens

ECO13 London Pedro Miranda Siemens

Aew Apple Headquarter

ECO13 London The Crystal

ECO13 London Rene Savelsberg Chrysalix SET

ECO13 London The Crystal

ECO13 London Ubitricity Chrysalix SET

ECO13 London Anna Annette

ECO13 London The Crystal

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