Oleg Pertsovskiy presents Skolkovo Foundation, the new startup epicentre of the Russian economy

Ecosummit TV: Oleg Pertsovskiy presents Skolkovo Foundation at ECO13 Berlin. Skolkovo is a strategic development initiative backed by the government to diversify Russia’s economy through innovation and entrepreneurship. To kickstart a new startup culture, the Skolkovo ecosystem consists of an innovation centre with 5 clusters including an energy cluster, a university in cooperation with MIT as well as a new smart green city quarter located 20 km in the west of Moscow’s city centre (Kremlin). In particular, Skolkovo supports startups with a 50% co-financing grant of up to $1M to cross the gap from the research lab to the market. The other half should come from angels or VCs. Recently Skolkovo got another $4B commitment from the government to accelerate the development until 2020. Skolkovo is a very important project that contributes to making Russia more independent from finite resources like oil and gas.

The ECO13 Berlin presentation slides of Oleg are available as PDF.

ECO13 Berlin Oleg Pertsovskiy Skolkovo

ECO13 Berlin Oleg Pertsovskiy Skolkovo

ECO13 Berlin Oleg Pertsovskiy Skolkovo

ECO13 Berlin Skolkovo Delegation Checkin

ECO13 Berlin Vera Kravchenko Skolkovo

ECO13 Berlin Irina Nenartovich Atom Container

ECO13 Berlin Alexander Dvoenko Plazma-pro

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