Martin Mohr pitches Ecoduna from Austria

Ecosummit TV: Martin Mohr pitches Ecoduna at ECO13 London. Founded in 2009, the Austrian startup develops algae production systems and is one of the global technology leaders. Ecoduna already makes money in the food supplement market with high-value Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Algae production will be price competitive in the food market in 2 years, the plastics market in 4-5 years and the energy market in 8-12 years. Ecoduna’s vertical photobioreactors are supposed to be better than the competition as they work in a continuous, software-controlled process with neither too much nor too little light. In 2013, Ecoduna opened their own algae production plant in Austria. A large number of partners is in the pipeline to install more industrial production capacity. Get in touch with Martin if you also believe in the long-term business opportunity of smart algae production and commercialisation.

The ECO13 London presentation slides of Martin are available as PDF.

ECO13 London Martin Mohr Ecoduna

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