Juergen Schmid of Fraunhofer IWES: the energy transformation to 100% renewable can be done

Ecosummit TV: “We are sure that we can supply 100% renewable energy,” says Prof. Dr. Juergen Schmid, Director of Fraunhofer IWES. The necessary transformation of our energy system to the 100% renewable energy system can be done and must be done as soon as possible because global energy demand and CO2 emissions grow exponentially. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are the 2 pillars of the future energy system. Prof. Schmid’s scenarios are an encouraging role model for other countries. If you want to get the big picture how to do it, this Ecosummit TV video is must-see. Let’s accelerate together the global transformation to the Smart Green Economy powered by 100% renewable energy. In fact, that’s exactly why we do Ecosummit.

ECO12 Juergen Schmid Fraunhofer IWES

ECO12 Juergen Schmid Fraunhofer IWES

ECO12 Jan Michael Hess Juergen Schmid

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