Instagrid raises €29M Series B led by Energy Impact Partners

The Instagrid success story continues and reaches the next level. In February 2020, we wrote a groovy story on the €8.5M Series A and how Sebastian Berning and Andreas Sedlmayr launched their mobile battery startup and met their lead investor SET Ventures at Ecosummit Berlin 2019, our 10-year anniversary. Today, we’re happy to break the news that Energy Impact Partners (EIP) leads Instagrid’s massive €29M Series B as the only new investor. With $2B AUM EIP itself is pretty massive, too. Hans Kobler and Matthias Dill invest in Instagrid both from their US and EU funds as they plan to share returns and the mobile battery business opportunity with their global LPs. The Ludwigsburg-based startup provides portable green power to professionals and mobile lifestyle optimisers in all kinds of offgrid situations, including construction sites, ubiquitous events, smart forests or sustainable picknicks in the park enhanced by electric BBQs and powerful sound systems.

If the investor queue is long and the Series B is oversubscribed, it turns out that existing investors are in a privileged position as they may participate pro rata and deploy more capital. Sometimes they can even invest more than pro rata provided that the founders are especially happy with the support they got. This time the lucky investors joining Instagrid’s Series B are SET Ventures, Blueworld Group, Segnalita Ventures, HTGF and Wille Finance.

The envy of every smart green VC is Instagrid’s orderbook that shows 50.000 devices badly wanted by customers such as Strabag, Skanska Rental and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). The beautiful Instagrid Max One is available online for a retail price of €2.695,00 net. 50K batteries delivered would amount to €135M revenues, excluding the margins of European distribution partners such as Festool. Instagrid employs a team of 50 and is fabless working with a well-known but undisclosed contract manufacturer in Hungary. In 2023, Instagrid plans to enter the US market with a localised 120V battery.

Instagrid’s global market potential and responsibility to make things better and more sustainable are huge as every year 50 million diesel gensets burning stuff are sold. When dreaming about the future, the Co-CEOs Andreas and Sebastian want to keep all options open including an IPO or acquisition by a global player. As we told you in the past, Instagrid keeps on rocking and, in our opinion, is a smart green unicorn in the making. We still regret that we never really managed to join the investor queue as our angel ticket size is too small. But if you have deep pockets, go for it and meet the founders at Ecosummit Berlin 23-24 June 2022. Then you should send the best term sheet possible. If not, you can still buy a mobile battery, go out into nature and have some fun.

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