Ingo Walterscheid presents Design City Kolding in Denmark

Every city should become a Smart Green City as soon as possible. One way to accelerate urban change is to focus ideas, people and capital in a new city quarter where the future can be prototyped by a cluster of companies and citizens that believe in sustainability, renewable energy, clean technologies and intelligent design. Kolding is such a future-minded Danish city with 90.000 citizens located in the south of Denmark, 100 km north of Flensburg. Design City Kolding is planned as a new sustainable city quarter on 22 hectares developed by Design City Vest A/S.

Ingo Walterscheid, responsible for the business development of Design City Kolding, presented the project at Ecosummit 2011 on 24 March in Berlin. The first building of Design City Kolding will be inaugurated on 9 June 2011. The Danish architects designing the new city quarter are Cobe. Below you can watch Ingo’s presentation on Ecosummit TV and here are the Design City Kolding slides as PDF.

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