Electric aviation pioneer Alexander Zosel pitches E-volo

Ecosummit TV: Alexander Zosel pitches E-volo at ECO13 Berlin. The German cleantech startup develops an electric helicopter that will revolutionise urban aviation within the next 10 years. The Volocopter is developed by a consortium of companies and universities that received a €2M grant from the German government. Moreover, the German aviation authority defined a new class of aircraft specifically for the Volocopter. As of today, E-volo plans a slow market entry with a pre-series of 10 Volocopters in 2015. As the new electric helicopter category is a potential multi-billion market opportunity, E-volo will soon realise that they need to raise substantial amounts of venture capital to guarantee high-quality production on the ground as well as safety in the air. For now, they continue their startup rock’n’roll pioneering electric aviation and inventing new PR stunts.

The ECO13 Berlin presentation slides of Alexander are available as PDF.

ECO13 Berlin Alexander Zosel E-volo

ECO13 Berlin Alexander Zosel E-volo

E-volo Volocopter 2 Seater

ECO13 Berlin Alexander Zosel E-volo

ECO13 Berlin Ingo Potthof UnternehmerTUM Fund

ECO13 Berlin Climate-KIC Startups

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