Ecosummit Zoom 3 November 2020

On US election day – Why it has to be Joe Biden (Economist) – we’re zooming in again on smart green innovation in energy, mobility and cities at our 7th Ecosummit Zoom on 3 November 2020 at 10:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00 Berlin time. The agenda features 20 awesome speakers: Jan Lozek (Future Energy Ventures), Fabian Lemke (Nuventura), Christian Chudoba (Lumenaza), Michael Peters (Sunvigo), Simone Accornero (Flexidao), Rigbert Fischer (Blueworld Group), Davor Sutija (Nexwafe), Charlotta Holmquist (Blixt), Alexander Hain (Vattenfall), Tilo Bonow (Piabo), Metin Zerman (Energie 360), Thomas Koller (Enersis), Michael Waldner (Pexapark), Carolin Funk (Blue Bear Capital), David Horsch (Coboc), Charlotte Blou Sand (True Energy), Tobias Gill (Intelligent Power Generation), Carsten Brinkschulte (Dryad Networks), Lubomila Jordanova (Plan A) and Bart Markus (GAP Technology Holding). Please get in touch if you want to speak at our monthly online events to pitch your startup, fund or portfolio. Let’s automate sustainability in every industry and build big startups with big impact. Our mission is maximising our impact until 2030, the global deadline for carbon neutrality.

Pay-per-event Ecosummit Zoom Tickets

Get your pay-per-event tickets for €200 plus VAT to join our monthly Ecosummit Zoom online events. Existing Ecosummit Berlin 2020 tickets and sponsorships are valid for our online events (until December 2020) and the next physical Ecosummit Berlin (to be announced).

We don’t publish Ecosummit Zoom on YouTube to keep our online events exclusive.

Ecosummit Zoom Calendar

We run our morning session from 10:00-12:00 Berlin time and our afternoon session from 15:00-17:00 Berlin time. We look forward to hosting you at Ecosummit Zoom. Thanks a lot for joining us and spreading the word.

Ecosummit Zoom 3 November 2020 Agenda

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