Ecosummit TV – Heliatek – Andreas Rueckemann & Martin Pfeiffer – Part 1

Organic PV (Photovoltaics) is very promising 3G Solar techno. We also call it Green Photonics. Heliatek is a German pre-revenue Cleantech startup with 50 employees currently setting up their first factory. Moving from lab to fab, Founder & CTO Dr. Martin Pfeiffer and CEO Dr. Andreas Rueckemann give hope. They believe their new ecofriendly solar cells made in Dresden will provide more energy for less money with very little ecological footprint. This nextgen green technology made ubiquitous with factories of the future can help us overcome nuclear disaster as it unfolds in Fukushima in Japan. We must reinvent our economy and repower it by 100% renewable energy and products. Let’s go smart green now and do the right thing!

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