Ecosummit TV – Carl Berninghausen pitches 3G Clean Fuel Startup Sunfire

Sunfire CEO Carl Berninghausen pitches his super hot 3G clean fuel startup at ECO11. Afterwards, he is joined by his colleague Nils Aldag during the interview with Ane Mari Aakernes, our Ecosummit TV moderator. Based in Bremen with 7 employees, Sunfire raised €1.2M so far. Sunfire produces third generation synthetic bio fuel (3G bio fuel) without using biomass. Sunfire transforms CO2 and water into clean fuel using renewable energy.

First the fuel can be used to store energy, then it can be burned in cars and other power generation plants. This is a smart green chemical process technology which is important as we have limited biomass on planet earth. But we have abundant renewable energy, CO2 and water. The challenge is to perform this transformation process on industrial scale with high efficiency and low cost such that the fuel can be sold at a profit. Carl thinks it is possible and is prepared to invest another €2M of his own money if co-investors join him chipping in €6M. I would invest immediately!

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