Ecosummit London 2013 happens on 15-16 October at the Crystal

This is our preview of Ecosummit London 2013, our 6th cleantech conference that we hold for the first time in London. The agenda is online and presents 58 speakers including 31 startups and 15 sponsors. The growing list of participants features a promising startup and VC density. 2 embedded Ecosummit TV videos show my introduction of ECO13 London and my opening of ECO13 Berlin. With 2 weeks to go, there is plenty of time to get your ticket and join us at the Crystal, the perfect location for our smart green family reunion. A unique experience for the participants will be the cable car pitch overviewing The Thames and Canary Wharf. Finally, it is our pleasure to share the dates of our next 4 events in Berlin and London in 2014 and 2015 for which we look for long-term sponsors and partners.

ECO13 London Crystal Flyer

We want to live and work in a smart green city and we like London. The smart green capital is an important cleantech hub, provides access to the UK market and serves as the bridge to America. The conference theme of ECO13 London is Smart Green City. Key topics to be discussed encompass smart green buildings, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, scalable business models, venture capital, lean startup development and cleantech exits.

We are very grateful for the support of our 15 ECO13 London sponsors: Sefaira, Chrysalix SET, Siemens, European Investment Fund, Swedish Energy Agency, Ecomobilité Ventures, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Ubitricity, Sonnenbatterie, Cisco, Autodesk, European Business and Technology Centre, CCgroup, Level39 and amiando. We partner with Cleantech Scandinavia and expect an inspiring group of VCs, LPs and startups from the Nordics. Our YouTube channel Ecosummit TV surpassed 70.000 video views and provides over 195 videos.

The speaker lineup features Michael Wilshire (Bloomberg New Energy Finance), Philipp Rode (LSE Cities), Patric Gresko (European Investment Fund), Rene Savelsberg (Chrysalix SET), Detlef Pohl (Siemens Venture Capital), Colin le Duc (Generation Investment Management), Henrik Olsén (Environmental Technologies Fund), Peter van Gelderen (Icos Capital), Pedro Miranda (Siemens), Susana Quintana-Plaza (E.ON), Rolf Adam (Cisco), Carolin Reichert (PSA Peugeot Citroen), Fabienne Herlaut (Ecomobilité Ventures), Claire Cockerton (Level39), Anna Woodeson (Wilkinson Eyre), Christoph Ostermann (Sonnenbatterie), Mads Jensen (Sefaira), Christian Deilmann (Tado), Karl Kolmsee (Smart Hydro Power), Knut Hechtfischer (Ubitricity) and Oliver Lünstedt (Carzapp). As cleantech VCs need more exits, we are curious to learn from Harry Böhme (Novaled) and Josef Brunner (JouleX) how they managed to sell their startups.

ECO13 London Cable Car Pitch

Ecosummit is a startup at the intersection of cleantech, Internet, marketing and event. Our mission is to accelerate smart green innovation from company foundation to mass market. Only successful cleantech startups have a positive impact on climate change and global resource problems. The long-term goal is the fast transformation to the Smart Green Economy powered by 100% renewable energy and ubiquitous cleantech. Ecosummit Market is an open online platform for smart green startups to find new investors, employees, suppliers and customers. The Ecosummit team cooperates with a fantastic group of advisors, partners and ambassadors with whom we share the same mindset.

Continuing the execution of our long-term strategy to become the best and biggest Smart Green Business conference in Europe, we plan to organise 2 Ecosummits per year, one in Berlin (3-4 June 2014 and 2-3 June 2015) and another one in London (7-8 October 2014 and 6-7 October 2015). We updated our Ecosummit pitch for sponsors and partners and hope that many of you put Ecosummit in your marketing budget for the next 2 years.

Let’s transform our cities into smart green cities and our economies into smart green economies. Next stop is ECO13 London on 15-16 October at the Crystal.

ECO13 London Canary Wharf

ECO13 London Preview Jan Michael Hess Ecosummit

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