Ecosummit launches in Paris on 6 March 2018 at Bpifrance Le Hub

Their president rocks, the market is huge, the startups are hot, investors go crazy and Paris is the place to be. The more we know about it, the more we love the French innovation factory and ecosystem. It has all the ingredients that are necessary to develop big startups with the help of awesome technology and superior business skills. Paris hosts a lot of VCs and corporates that invest in smart green startups. Above all, the outstanding experience and ambition of the French entrepreneurs make the difference. And now the capital has Station F, a beautiful and inspiring startup campus that was created by the telco billionaire Xavier Niel who is also an investor in Breakthrough Energy Ventures. It is about time that we take a deep dive into smart green France and launch Ecosummit Paris on 6 March 2018 at Bpifrance Le Hub. With the help of our sponsors and local friends we put together an exciting agenda presenting the crème de la crème in smart green energy, mobility and cities.

French startups have raised big rounds to go global: BlaBlaCar ($200M 2015), Sigfox (€150M 2016), Actility ($75M 2017), Forsee Power (€55M 2017), Cityscoot (€40M 2018), Drivy ($35M 2016), Aledia (€30M 2018), Netatmo (€30M 2015), Navya (€30M 2016), Vulog ($20M 2017), FinalCAD ($20M 2016), Heetch ($20M 2018), Less ($19M 2017), Virtuo (€7.5M 2017), Sunna Design (€7M 2017), Zenpark (€6.1M 2016), Cosmo Tech (€3M 2017) and Stanley Robotics (€3.6M 2017). French VCs manage big assets, are super active and have new funds: Idinvest (€250M), Aster (€240M) and Alliance Ventures ($1B). Sometimes they even merge to get stronger: Demeter + Emertec (2017) and Idinvest + Eurazeo (2018). French corporates are active CVCs and acquirers, too: Engie bought Solairedirect, Green Charge Networks and EVBox and PSA acquired Carjump that pitched at Ecosummit Berlin 2016 to create Free2Move.

As you can see, smart green France is in full swing and Ecosummit Paris is the perfect meeting point for discovering new business and investment opportunities and entering the French market. Check out who you can meet and join our smart green business party in Paris on 6 March. Vive la France!

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