EcoIntense rounds up 22 million euro cash injection

One Peak Partners and Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital are on board. Together, the private equity firms invest 22 million euros in Berlin-based EcoIntense. The late stage software startup has been cashflow positive since 2012 and even debt free since 2014. But “it’s almost like an old saying: you should have a financing round, when you don’t need any cash,” Markus Becker, Co-founder of EcoIntense explained his reason for raising capital anyhow.

After successfully conquering the German market over the past ten years, Becker and his co-founders Hardy Menzel and Sebastian Mönnich are looking to expand into other European markets. Where they’ll start is currently being discussed, says Becker, but it has to be a country with a strong industrial background and many corporates. Nevertheless, they are not turning their back on their home market as Markus Becker believes: “We have become a good brand here, a very good brand, for that matter. And there is still potential for growth.”

EcoIntense remains tight lipped about the specifics. When asked about sales projections for 2017, Becker simply stated: “It will be more than in 2016.” Words to live by, as the young Berliner company has grown quite rapidly since it was founded in 2007. It is also the reason why Berlin-based BBAF Business Angels Fondsgesellschaft and Swiss family office Wecken & Cie now sold their respective shareholdings in the company to the new investors, One Peak Partners and Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital. At the same time, Germany’s leading seed investor High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) stays on board, saying they are “excited about the company’s strong growth potential going forward.”

EcoIntense has got over 90 employees and provides software for health and safety, environmental management and sustainability management. Their solution “EcoWebDesk” is completely web-based and easy to set up. Their list of references is impressive, including more than 100 companies spanning different industrial sectors like Siemens, ZF, Veolia, as well as Berliner Wasserbetriebe and RheinEnergie. Back in 2012, the company also pitched at Ecosummit Düsseldorf and it will be exciting to see where EcoIntense will be in a couple of years.

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