Corporate VC panel featuring Baker Botts, Inven Capital, Siemens Venture Capital and Sonnen

Ecosummit TV: Startups need corporates and corporates need startups. At ECO15 London, Tim Lafferty (Global Corporate Venturing) moderates an exciting corporate VC panel featuring Neil Foster (Baker Botts), Petr Mikovec (Inven Capital), Michael Hochholzer (Siemens Venture Capital) and Oliver Koch (Sonnen). It is a good idea to get in touch and start building relationships with corporates in the early stage of the startup. Even if corporates tend to invest at a later stage in a syndicate with financial VCs and other corporates, the strategic alignment of interests between corporates and startups is a key success factor and needs time to be elaborated well. A corporate minority investment usually doesn’t lead to an acquisition. For example, Siemens acquires around 10% of their portfolio companies and this seems to be the industry average. The contractual relationship between startups and corporates should be designed in a smart way that guarantees the strategic and operative freedom of the startup. Every line in the term sheet is flexible if experienced entrepreneurs with good lawyers sit at the table and multiple investors are interested in participating in the startup: Rights of first refusal can be negotiated out and liquidation preferences should not be higher than 1x.

ECO15 London Corporate VC Panel

ECO15 London Corporate VC Panel Neil Foster Baker Botts

ECO15 London Corporate VC Panel Petr Mikovec Inven Capital

ECO15 London Corporate VC Panel Michael Hochholzer Siemens Venture Capital

ECO15 London Corporate VC Panel Oliver Koch Sonnen

ECO15 London Corporate VC Panel

ECO15 London Corporate VC Panel

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