Conrad Ess of Green Technology Staffing talks about attracting smart green talent

Ecosummit TV: If we want to grow the Smart Green Economy, we need more capital and more people. Conrad Ess, CEO of Green Technology Staffing, talks about the art of recruiting new talent for the Smart Green Economy at ECO12 Berlin. Mannheim-based Green Technology Staffing has got 10 employees and currently over 300 cleantech engineering jobs to fill. Conrad’s key message is passion: we need to promote our companies and our jobs with more passion to attract new talent.

ECO12 Conrad Ess Green Technology Staffing

We have to communicate our shared values inside the industry with the people outside who think about going green and changing their career. Matching open jobs with the best candidates is easier if both job descriptions and CVs are optimised in terms of making the reality of the job and the candidate’s competences as transparent as possible. Honesty is a key ingredient for long-term employee relationship management.

ECO12 Jan Michael Hess Conrad Ess

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