Call for startups to pitch at Ecosummit London 2014 on 7-8 October

Our second Ecosummit London takes place on 7-8 October 2014 at the Crystal. As in the past, we want to feature a lot of smart green startups on stage as this is what VCs and corporates really want – meeting innovative startups in a cool location in a time and cost efficient way. During our new Ecosummit Startup Showcase we promote startups from Europe that have raised less than €1M venture capital. We give away at least 10 free 5-minute pitch slots to fundable startups. To apply for a free pitch please create and update your startup profile on Ecosummit Market and email us your investor presentation as soon as possible (see guideline below). We announce the winners on a first come, first serve basis. Check the ECO14 London speakers to find out which startups are part of the showcase. Startups that have raised more than €1M and need more money and publicity can secure their pitch slot by buying a startup pitch ticket for £500,00 + VAT. Please contact us if you are interested and we send you a startup ticket discount code.

ECO14 London Call for Startups

Investor pitch guideline

To make our selection process easier, we kindly ask you to email us a brief and focused investor presentation (around 10 slides) to

Your investor pitch presentation should answer all the key questions investors have, including:

  • Company (location, capital raised, revenues, employees, investors)
  • Market and customers (market description, market size, customers)
  • Product (problem, solution, value proposition, USP)
  • Technology (overview, patent situation)
  • Competition (main direct competitors)
  • Team (founders, management team, track record)
  • Business case (5-year summary)
  • New funding (new capital to be raised, use of funds)

If you are selected, it is highly recommended that you practice your pitch and timing as much as possible. On stage there will be a speaker display and speaker clock in front of you. Looking at the audience and Ecosummit TV cameras at all times is highly recommended. Please note that all investor pitches that match our quality criteria will be published on Ecosummit TV on YouTube which received over 100.000 video views. Therefore, only public information should be included during the pitch.

ECO14 London Call for Startups

Startup pitches to watch on Ecosummit TV

If you are new to Ecosummit, you should watch our favourite startup pitches on Ecosummit TV:

ECO13 Berlin Josefine Ahl Oricane

Jan Michael Hess and Taavi Madiberk at ECO12

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