Berlin-based Smart Green Startup Changers launches at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco

Changers GmbH is coming out of stealth at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco which is underway. It takes a lot of courage to be based in Berlin and to launch the product first in California. The motivation for this cross-Atlantic marketing move has to do with their smart green product which needs a lot of sunshine to be most productive. The valley being the valley played a motivational role, too. Changers’ new smart green hardware is a solar charger with external portable PV panel that can generate and store energy for all your mobile devices. Moreover, the charger communicates via Facebook to share the good deeds with your friends.

Founded by Markus Schulz (CEO), Daniela Schiffer and Dirk Gamboa Tuesta, Changers is backed by the German solar high-tech provider centrotherm photovoltaics who is also ECO12 Platinum Sponsor, a nice coincidence. Changers’ solar charger will retail for $150,00 in the US only and will be available there some time in November 2011. I think the Changers device and its social energy network are very cool and I hope they start selling soon in Germany, too.

The video below, published by The Next Web, features Hans Raffauf, Head of Communications, presenting the Changers device to Hermione Way.

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