Alexander von Frankenberg introduces High-Tech Gründerfonds, Germany’s leading Seed VC

Alexander von Frankenberg, Managing Director of the German seed VC High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), presents the fund at ECO11 and shares his lessons learned during 5 years of seed funding the German High-tech startup ecosystem. HTGF makes every 2nd seed deal in Germany and currently has 18 portfolio firms in the Cleantech industry. At ECO11, 6 HTGF Cleantech portfolio companies were on stage: Entelios, Subitec, ZIM Plant Technology, Next Kraftwerke, Ecointense and Wesustain.

The HTGF was founded in 2006 and equipped with an initial fund of €272M. The limited partners of the HTGF are BMWi, KFW, BASF, Siemens, Bosch, Telekom, Daimler and Zeiss. The HTGF has a total portfolio of 230 startups and co-raised around €300M of follow-on investments into the portfolio startups. The HTGF standard seed deal goes like this: 15% for €500K = €3.33M pre-money valuation. Now you can watch Alexander on Ecosummit TV to learn more about Germany’s early stage financing landscape.

Alexander agreed to share his ECO11 HTGF slides as PDF.

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