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Ecosummit launches in Stockholm on 12 September 2017 at Nasdaq

SET Ventures announces investment in Greencom Networks at Ecosummit Amsterdam 2017

Ecosummit Berlin 2017: An ecosystem for a growing smart green startup community

Restore, Visedo, Greenergetic, Freshland, Hydrogenious and Cleverciti win Ecosummit Award 2017 in Berlin

Ecosummit Paris

Call for smart green startups: Pitch at ECO17 Berlin and apply for ECO17 Award and Ecosummit Europe 100

Ecosummit Stockholm

SET Ventures announces investment in Energyworx at Ecosummit London 2016

Ecosummit accelerates smart green London on 11 October 2016 at CodeNode

Ecosummit rocks Amsterdam on 7 July 2016 at Rockstart

Kiwigrid, Mobisol, Kebony, Lumenaza, BEN Energy and Electrochaea win Ecosummit Award 2016 in Berlin

Inven Capital announces €20M investment in Tado at Ecosummit Berlin 2016

Ecosummit Amsterdam

Sonnenbatterie, Sunfire, Thermondo, Agrilution, Ubitricity and Bettervest win the Ecosummit Award at ECO15 Berlin

Knut Hechtfischer pitches Ubitricity at Ecosummit Berlin 2014

Ecosummit Berlin 2015 takes place on 19-20 May 2015 at the Radialsystem

Call for startups to pitch at Ecosummit London 2014 on 7-8 October

Anna Yukiko Bickenbach interviews happy participants at Ecosummit Berlin 2014

Sonnenbatterie, Sunfire and Orcan Energy win Ecosummit Award 2014 at ECO14 Berlin

Ecosummit Ambassadors

Jan Michael Hess opens Ecosummit London 2013

Ecosummit London 2013 happens on 15-16 October at the Crystal

Anna Yukiko Bickenbach interviews happy participants at Ecosummit Berlin 2013

Call for cleantech startups to pitch at Ecosummit London 2013

Call for ambassadors to support Ecosummit London 2013

Ecosummit London 15-16 October 2013 – join our smart green city conference at the Crystal

Sefaira, Tado, Solarbattery, Pirika, Bravo Motors and Oricane win Ecosummit Award 2013

Ecosummit Award 2013 – 43 nominees from 11 countries – application deadline ends tonight

Ecosummit in London: ECO13 Berlin, Market, Award, WHEB Partners and Friedola

Ecosummit Award 2013 – call for smart green startups

Ecosummit Berlin

Ecosummit London

Ecosummit Lounge London 2 May 2013

Call for ambassadors to support Ecosummit Berlin 2013

Sefaira, Ventive, Energydeck, Solarfuel, Carzapp and Ecosummit pitch at Ecosummit Lounge London

Laing live at Ecosummit Berlin 2012

Climate-KIC USA Startup Tour 2012 at Ecosummit Lounge Silicon Valley

Smarter, greener, leaner – startups accelerate the Energiewende at Ecosummit Düsseldorf 2012

Ecosummit Düsseldorf 2012 happens on 14 and 15 November

Ecosummit Düsseldorf 2012 steigt am 14. und 15. November

Call for ambassadors to support Ecosummit Düsseldorf 2012

Call for cleantech startups to pitch at Ecosummit Düsseldorf 2012

Ecosummit Lounge Silicon Valley 6 September 2012

Ecosummit Lounge London at Taylor Wessing on 19 September 2012

Jan Michael Hess Opens Ecosummit 2012 Berlin – With A Little Help From Some Friends

Smart Hydro Power, Heliatek and win Ecosummit Award 2012

Ecosummit 2012 becoming Europe’s leading Smart Green Innovation Forum

Ecosummit 2012 wird führendes Forum für Smart Green Innovation in Europa

Call for Ecosummit Ambassadors to join ECO12

Invitation to Ecosummit 2012 on 22-23 March in Berlin

Ecosummit Lounge TV featuring Flinc, Nachbarschaftsauto, Ubitricity, Airbase and Changers

Ecosummit Lounge Berlin 6 December 2011

Reviewing Ecosummit Lounge on 21 September 2011 in Berlin

Ecosummit 2012 celebrates Smart Green Business with new Award

Ecosummit 2012 zelebriert Smart Green Business mit neuem Award

Ecosummit Award 2017

Ecosummit TV

Smart Green Business Networking at Ecosummit Lounge on 21 September 2011 in Berlin

11.000 VideoViews on Ecosummit TV – Let’s Celebrate by Rewatching the best Smart Green Startups and VCs

Smart Green Dealflow – Recent Deals in our Ecosummit Network

Climate Neutral Ecosummit 2011 – Carbon Offset with ForestFinance

Ecosummit TV – Carl Berninghausen pitches 3G Clean Fuel Startup Sunfire

Ecosummit TV – Markus Becker pitches Smart Green Software startup Ecointense at ECO11

Cleantech Investment Manager Shimpei Yamashita of Sumitomo Corporation talks about Cleantech Economy Japan and Fukushima on Ecosummit TV

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Frank Siebke – Good Energies – Cleantech VC

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Klaus Dibbern – Flinc – Ride Sharing

Ecosummit TV accepted as official Youtube Partner

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Paulus Neef – Henner Gladen – MAMA

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Conrad Ess – Green Technology Staffing

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Andreas Muth – Bank Sarasin

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Nick Kanopoulos – Brite Solar

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Holger Schmitz – Ventizz Capital

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Harry Boehme – Novaled

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Thomas Schulz – Entelios

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Denis Lucquin – Sofinnova Partners

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Young Future Mobility Leaders – Panel

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Konrad Erzberger – Tamyca – P2P Car Sharing

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Gregor Matthies – Bain & Company

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Gina Domanig – Emerald Technology Ventures

Ecosummit TV ECO11 Mix 1.0

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Thomas Noonan – Joulex

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Renate Kuenast – Alliance 90/The Greens

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Michael Braungart – EPEA

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Michael Linse – KPCB

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Shimpei Yamashita – Sumitomo – Interview

Ecosummit TV – ECO11 – Peter Hoeppe – Munich Re

Ecosummit 2011 Opening – Jan Michael Hess

Ecosummit TV Moderator Ane Mari Aakernes & Jan Michael Hess

Going Smart Green Now – Ecosummit 2011 Happens this Week in Berlin

Going Smart Green Now – Ecosummit 2011 steigt diese Woche in Berlin

Ecosummit TV – Heliatek – Andreas Rueckemann & Martin Pfeiffer – Part 2

Ecosummit TV – Heliatek – Andreas Rueckemann & Martin Pfeiffer – Part 1

Ecosummit TV – Novaled CFO Harry Boehme

Ecosummit TV – Novaled Founder Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth

Ecosummit TV – Jan Michael Hess & Julian von Bluecher – ECO11 Agenda Preview

My Ecosummit 2011 Agenda Highlights

Ecosummit TV – Eco Hotel Scandic Berlin – Our Beautiful Ecosummit 2011 Location

Veranstaltungsort des Ecosummit 2011 erhält 2 Umweltzertifikate

Ecosummit 2011 Preview Video

Ecosummit Gathers Smart Green Economy on 24-25 March 2011 in Berlin

Ecosummit Tickets

Ecosummit Media Partners

Ecosummit Advisors

Smart green startups you should know

ECO17 Stockholm Participants

ECO17 Stockholm Agenda

ECO17 Stockholm Sponsors

ECO17 Stockholm Speakers

ECO17 Amsterdam Participants

ECO17 Amsterdam Agenda

ECO17 Amsterdam Speakers

ECO17 Amsterdam Sponsors

ECO17 Berlin Participants

ECO17 Berlin Agenda

ECO17 Berlin Speakers

ECO17 Berlin Sponsors

Smart green VCs you should know

Perfect pitch: How to raise money for your startup

EcoIntense rounds up 22 million euro cash injection

Inven invests in Cloud&Heat and Eneco invests in Next Kraftwerke

ONZO: Treating home energy like high finance

Visedo is the rising star of the Finnish cleantech scene

ECO16 London Participants

ECO17 London Agenda

ECO16 London Agenda

Kiwigrid raises Series C to build global energy IoT platform

ECO16 London Speakers

Icos Capital raises €50M IC Fund III from Akzo Nobel, Bühler, Wuppermann and City of Rotterdam

ECO16 London Sponsors

Lilium raises €10M Series A from Atomico to commercialise its electric VTOL jet

Statkraft Ventures teams up with ETF Partners and leads $5M Series A in Greenbird from Norway

Relayr raises $23M Series B from Munich RE/HSB Ventures, KPCB and Munich Venture Partners

ParkBee raises €1.8M from InnovationQuarter and angels

Sonnen raises €76M Series D led by Envision Energy and targets IPO

ECO16 Amsterdam Participants

Heliatek raises €80M Series D to increase production capacity by a factor of 40

ECO16 Amsterdam Agenda

ECO17 London Speakers

ECO16 Amsterdam Speakers

ECO16 Amsterdam Sponsors

ECO16 Berlin Participants

ECO16 Berlin Agenda

ECO16 Berlin Sponsors

ECO16 Berlin Speakers

Climate-KIC showcases Coolar, Prosumergy, MotionTag, Pendula and Orkess at ECO16 Berlin

Late stage startup panel featuring Grundgrün, Ludgate, Alexa Capital and Munich Venture Partners

Corporate VC panel featuring Baker Botts, Inven Capital, Siemens Venture Capital and Sonnen

Smart green angel Frank Thelen invests in Lilium Aviation to fly an electric plane

ECO15 London Participants

ECO15 London Agenda

SET Ventures raises €60M SET Fund II from EIF, Sitra, Shell, Essent, Delta and Korys

ECO15 London Sponsors

ECO15 London Speakers

Fast-growing solar e-commerce startup Greenergetic attracts investment from RWE

Petr Mikovec pitches corporate VC Inven Capital

Christian Reitberger and Jan Michael Hess chat about smart green angel investing

Skeleton Technologies, Solarkiosk and Grundgrün win ECO15 London Award

ECO15 Berlin Participants

ECO15 Berlin Agenda

ECO15 Berlin Speakers

Andreas Spiess pitches Solarkiosk at ECO15 Berlin

ECO15 Berlin Sponsors

Frédéric Mazzella pitches BlaBlaCar

Taavi Madiberk pitches Skeleton Technologies at ECO14 London

Johan Reynaert presents the European Investment Fund and shares their LP lessons learned

Henrik Olsen chats with Jan Michael Hess about being a smart green VC

Thermondo raises €6M Series B from Rocket Internet, Holtzbrinck Ventures, E.ON, IBB and Grey Corp

Christoph Ostermann pitches Sonnenbatterie at ECO14 London

Smart green accelerator panel featuring Startupbootcamp, Climate-KIC, Rockstart and Swedish Energy Agency

Pedro Miranda talks about the smart green city strategy of Siemens

Ines Bergmann pitches corporate venture capital provided by E.ON

Jan Marckhoff pitches BEN Energy

ECO14 London Participants

Felix Grolman pitches Grundgrün

David Brown pitches Canatu

ECO14 London Agenda

Jay Marathe of Cartagena Capital takes startups from fundraising to successful exits

Alexandre Askmo pitches Exeger

Nils Aldag pitches Sunfire

Soren Mouritsen pitches ROMO Wind

ECO14 Award Jury

Alexander van Os pitches Yellow&Blue

Yüksel Sirmasac pitches Rockethome

Holger Ulland pitches O-Flexx

Silvan Rath pitches ParkTAG

Paul Leibold pitches Adaptive City Mobility and its City Etaxi

ECO14 London Speakers

ECO14 London Sponsors

WeSustain raises €4M Series B from VNT Management, HTGF, KfW and MBG

Eternal Sun raises €2M Series A from Vermec

Alex Farcet pitches Startupbootcamp and its smart transportation and energy accelerator

George Hanna pitches Qinous

Stephan Schulze and Konstantin Hanssen present Investitionsbank Berlin

Sonnenbatterie raises €7.5M Series B from Munich Venture Partners, Chrysalix SET and Ecapital

Philipp Schroeder presents Tesla on its way to the most valuable car company in the world

Alexander Zosel gives an update on the development of their electric Volocopter VC200

Rune Wendelbo pitches Graphene Batteries from Norway

ECO14 Berlin Participants

Gina Domanig chats with Jan Michael Hess about being a smart green VC

ECO14 Berlin Agenda

Eugen Mayer pitches Power Plus Communications

Felix Krause pitches Milk the Sun

Josef Brunner tells the growth story of JouleX and his successful exit to Cisco

James Johnston pitches Open Utility

Rolf Adam of Cisco talks about new business models for public lighting by making it intelligent

ECO14 Berlin Speakers

Susana Quintana-Plaza presents the co-investment strategy of EON

Christian Deilmann pitches Tado that recently raised €10M for global expansion

Richard van de Vrie pitches Luxexcel and its 3D optics printing technology

The real problem of energy efficiency is that it is uncool

Peter van Gelderen presents Icos Capital and the art of collaborative corporate venturing

Benjamin Kott pitches EnergyDeck

Philipp Bouteiller presents the urban tech republic Berlin TXL

ECO14 Berlin Sponsors

Philipp Rode of LSE talks about smart green cities

Laurits Bach Sorensen pitches Microshade

Detlef Pohl pitches Siemens Venture Capital

Trued Holmquist pitches ATC Industrial Group from Sweden

Franz Salzmann pitches Lock8 – the Airbnb for bicycles

ECO13 London Participants

Martin Mohr pitches Ecoduna from Austria

Christina di Sano pitches Smart Hydro Power

ECO13 London Agenda

Previewing Cleantech Forum 2014 in Stockholm with Richard Youngman

Jonathan Tyler presents Climate-KIC and its startup accelerator

Alexander Bigge Lidgren presents Swedish Energy Agency and its cleantech portfolio

Enernoc buys Entelios – did this cleantech exit happen too fast?

Bloomberg’s Michael Wilshire analyses clean energy investment activity and trends

Mats Pettersson pitches Ecofective from Sweden

Mads Jensen pitches Sefaira

Claire Cockerton presents the future city accelerator Level39

ECO13 London Speakers

ECO13 London Sponsors

ECO13 Award Jury

Rene Savelsberg pitches the investment strategy of Chrysalix SET

Christoph Ostermann pitches Sonnenbatterie from Wildpoldsried

Smart green dealflow: E-volo crowdfunding, Lock8, Yetu, Thermondo and Zim Plant Technology exit

Harry Böhme tells the cleantech exit story of Novaled to Samsung

Patric Gresko presents the European Investment Fund

Henrik Olsen pitches Environmental Technologies Fund

Pedro Pires de Miranda envisions the smart green urban future for Siemens

Klaus Dibbern pitches Flinc

Oliver Luenstedt pitches Carzapp from Berlin

Knut Hechtfischer pitches Ubitricity

Dirk Dens pitches Govecs

Fabienne Herlaut pitches Ecomobilité Ventures

Robert Gallenberger and Matthias Vandepitte present Gimv

Thomas Goette pitches Greenpocket

ECO13 Berlin Participants

Maximilian Erb presents the cleantech investment strategy of NRW Bank

ECO13 Berlin Agenda

Philipp Pausder pitches Thermondo (

Niels Beisinghoff pitches Bettertaxi

Electric aviation pioneer Alexander Zosel pitches E-volo

Aaron Best and Franka Birke present the European startup accelerator Climate-KIC

Leopold von Bismarck pitches Tado from Munich

Bernard Scherrer fosters open innovation at EDF and invites cleantech startups to work together

Konstantin Artemyev pitches Bravo Motors

Oleg Pertsovskiy presents Skolkovo Foundation, the new startup epicentre of the Russian economy

Carsten Schneider of Osborne Clarke presents the German public investment grant for business angels

Markus Leuenberger pitches the Dutch cleantech institute ECN

Torsten Wipiejewski pitches cleantech VC VNT Management from Finland

Cleantech exit – Samsung buys Novaled from Dresden

Smart green lean startup panel with Cleantech Invest, Savosolar, Wellington Partners, Icos Capital and Ben Energy

Jari Varjotie pitches Savosolar from Finland

Josefine Ahl pitches Oricane from Sweden

ECO13 Berlin Sponsors

Philipp Schroeder pitches Sonnenbatterie from Bavaria

ECO13 Berlin Speakers

Bart Markus checks the reality of cleantech venture capital

Prof. Eicke Weber is very optimistic about the solar industry

Conrad Ess pitches Green Technology Staffing and his new crowd recruiting project

Moritz Missling pitches Younicos from Berlin

Andreas Spiess pitches Solarkiosk from Berlin

Volker Junghanns pitches global law firm Dentons

Rene Savelsberg pitches cleantech VC Chrysalix SET from Amsterdam

Christopher Schlaeffer pitches Yetu from Berlin

Darragh Kirby pitches Carbon Control from Dublin

Rastislav Lauko pitches Greenway from Bratislava

David Tronchoni pitches Edinn from Valencia

Fujio Kojima pitches Pirika from Tokyo

Pieter Bots pitches Geo-En that uses geothermal energy for smart green buildings

Carl Berninghausen pitches Sunfire

Jan Marckhoff pitches Ben Energy from Switzerland

Steven Fawkes talks about the magic of energy efficiency

Faster exits, higher returns – Alois Flatz discusses the investment strategy of Zouk Capital

Smart green corporate venture capital panel with Eon, Aster, Electranova and Entelios

Patric Gresko pitches the Corporate Innovation Platform of the European Investment Fund

Richard Youngman presents the third wave of cleantech companies at ECO13 Berlin

Mobility 2.0 – E-volo, Carzapp, Flinc and Innovative Mobility discuss how to build profitable startups

Holger Ulland pitches O-Flexx and its thermoelectric generators

Smart green dealflow: Ubitricity, Saperatec, Skeleton, Waste2Chemical, O-Flexx and Romo Wind

Cleanweb startups from Berlin – meeting Ecotastic and FutureWatt at CeBIT Code_n 2013

Martin Riedel pitches the small wind startup Enbreeze

Guido Luetsch pitches NTS and its high-altitude wind technology

Jörg Fabri analyses wind energy and recommends operational excellence

ECO12 Düsseldorf Participants

ECO12 Düsseldorf Agenda

Osborne Clarke’s Carsten Schneider discusses term sheets and other legal challenges

Cleantech for Africa – meeting Helioz and Solarkiosk at CeBIT Code_n 2013

Florian Meyer-Delpho pitches solar e-commerce startup Greenergetic

Philipp Pausder pitches FutureWatt

Urban Keussen introduces Connecting Energies, the new CVC of EON

Rolf Adam discusses critical infrastructure for the new energy system

Cleantech crowdfunding rocks – meeting Carzapp and Seedmatch at CeBIT Code_n 2013

Bernard Scherrer discusses open innovation at EDF and introduces Electranova Capital

Peter van Gelderen pitches early stage cleantech VC Icos Capital from the Netherlands

Thomas Grigoleit invites startups to invest in the cleantech nation Germany

ECO12 Award Jury

Tarja Teppo pitches Cleantech Invest from Finland

Martin Mohr pitches the algae startup Ecoduna from Austria

Juergen Finke presents Evonik corporate venturing

Cleantech Forum Europe 2013 – interview with Richard Youngman about reimagining cleantech

Cleantech crowdfunding in Germany – invest in Carzapp and Changers now

Alexander Zosel pitches electric helicopter startup E-volo

Stefan Roest pitches Dutch solar testing startup Eternal Sun

Andreas Aepfelbacher presents Fraunhofer Venture

Markus Becker pitches sustainability software startup EcoIntense

Paul Cousens of Autodesk talks about designing better cleantech products

ECO12 Düsseldorf Speakers

Oliver Luenstedt pitches p2p car sharing startup Carzapp

Thomas delos Santos pitches the electric microcar Colibri

Fabienne Herlaut looks for promising ecomobility startups In Europe

ECO12 Düsseldorf Sponsors

Alois Flatz, Zouk Capital, talks about cleantech venture capital 2.0

Smart green dealflow: Sunfire, Greenergetic, Sonnenbatterie, LEDeXCHANGE, Valopaa and Friedola Tech

Robert Schwemmer pitches Naporo, the cattail startup from Austria

Laurent Giai-Miniet pitches EnOcean

Tristan Foerster presents ClimatePartner and climate change management

ECO12 Award

ECO12 Düsseldorf Location

Knut Hechtfischer pitches EV charging startup Ubitricity

Klaus Dibbern pitches Flinc – Europe’s hottest ride sharing startup

Urban Keussen presents EON’s smart green innovation strategy

ECO12 Berlin Participants

ECO12 Berlin Agenda

Lean cleantech startup – New Context Conference Tokyo 2012

Smart green dealflow: SolarFuel, Govecs, Tiramizoo, Sortech and Evodos

Solarcity files for IPO to build global smart green utility

Jakob Assmann pitches smart green utility startup Polarstern

Felix Krause pitches PV marketplace Milk The Sun

Juergen Schmid of Fraunhofer IWES: the energy transformation to 100% renewable can be done

Pascal Mauberger pitches the hydrogen storage startup McPhy Energy from France

What cleantech startups and VCs in Europe and USA can learn from each other

Holger Rupp presents the green consumer marketing startup Get Neutral

Yueksel Sirmasac pitches the smart home startup Rockethome

Rolf Stein pitches waste to energy startup Advanced Plasma Power

Marie-Anne Brodschii presents the Veolia Innovation Accelerator

Taavi Madiberk pitches the startup jewel Skeleton Technologies from Estonia

Manfred Heil pitches WeSustain which helps companies optimise their sustainability performance

Steven Fawkes of Matrix knows how to make energy efficiency work at scale

Algae startup Subitec raises €4.5 Million Series A from eCapital, Fraunhofer, HTGF and KfW

Norbert Verweyen showcases RWE Effizienz, the smart green utility speedboat of RWE

Rolf Adam explains Gridonomics – the energy strategy of Cisco

Stephan Rieke presents power to gas startup Solarfuel

ECO12 Berlin Speakers

ECO12 Berlin Sponsors

Christian Deilmann unveils the smart green heating service Tado

ECO12 Berlin Location

Peter Krebs pitches the green building software startup Sefaira

Michael Linse of Kleiner Perkins: humanity is about to hit a wall

Conrad Ess of Green Technology Staffing talks about attracting smart green talent

Joerg Fabri of Allocate recommends a holistic business strategy for the energy turnaround

Tom Schulz presents how Entelios brings demand response to the market

Gorka Espiau pitches Hiriko – the first foldable electric city car designed for car sharing

Hans Streng shares the emobility strategy of ABB

Hansjoerg Sage pitches the cleantech VC Gimv

Fabienne Herlaut presents the corporate VC Ecomobilité Ventures

Greenpocket raises €3.5 Million Series B led by NRW Bank

Bernard Scherrer explains how EDF fosters open innovation

Kurt Kaltenegger of ABB proposes sustainable art of corporate venturing

Climate-KIC Incubator Network Strengthens Early Stage Startups In Europe

Smart Hydro Power raises €2.7 Million Series A from eCapital

Erwin Burth Presents Autodesk Cleantech Partner Programme At ECO12 Berlin

Mar Alarcón Pitches P2P Car Sharing Startup Social Car At ECO12 In Berlin

Thibaud Le Séguillon Presents Organic PV Startup Heliatek

Bart Markus Of Wellington Talks About The Art Of Investing In Cleantech Startups

Cleantech Inside Is The Future – Reporting From Cleantech Forum Europe 2012

Serial Entrepreneur Prof. Karl Leo Unveils New OLED Microdisplay Startup At ECO12

Smart Green Dealflow: Sefaira, Geo-En, Tado and WeSustain

From Ego to Eco – Gerd Leonhard talks about Sustainable Capitalism at ECO12

ECO12 Award Facebook Winners, Agenda, Participants and Tickets

G24 Innovations








Social Car



BEN Energy



Biowater Technology



ECO11 Berlin Participants




McPhy Energy

Pyrum Innovations

3 Smart Green Startups from Germany Poised to Conquer the Global Market



ECO11 Berlin Agenda


Milk the Sun



ECO12 Update: Wirtschaftswoche, ClimatePartner, Startups, Speakers and Laing playing live

Lautlos durch Deutschland

Power Plus Communications


Smart Green Dealflow: myTaxi, Comuto, Younicos, Solarkiosk, Smartblue and FFK

Smart Hydro Power

TMW Technologies


Watson Brown HSM





Get Neutral


Advanced Plasma Power

Karl Leo, Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth and Martin Pfeiffer win Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2011

Onyx Solar

SolarFuel pioneers Power to Gas technology and new multi-billion Euro market

AirBase Systems

Smart Green Dealflow: HTGF, Better Place, Epyon, Heliospectra, Tiramizoo, Compositence, Novaled and Proterra

ECO12 Award and Investor Pitch – Call for Smart Green Startups

Daniel Dendra presents OpenSimSim and fresh ideas for Open Source Design and Architecture




Avocado Store



ECO12 Award Nominees and Winners

ECO17 Award Application

ECO17 Award Jury


Berlin-based Smart Green Startup Changers launches at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco

Smart Green VC Khosla Ventures raises new billion-dollar fund

ECO11 Berlin Speakers

3G Solar made in Germany – Heliatek is getting ready to take Organic PV global

Cleantech Paradise Going Green Silicon Valley 2011

ECO11 Partners

ECO11 Sponsors

Weniger Autos ist mehr – Intelligent in die automobile Zukunft

Google-Motorola Deal Accelerates Fusion of Mobile Economy and Smart Green Economy

Erwin Burth invites you to join the free Autodesk Cleantech Partner Programme

Frauke Mispagel pitches Carbon Management Startup Ecogood at ECO11

Robert Seiter of Ernst & Young presents Global Cleantech Venture Insights

Fast cleantech IPO invitation by Sven Roger von Schilling and his SPAC European Cleantech 1

ECO11 Cleantech VC Panel showcasing Taylor Wessing, WHEB Partners, Zouk Capital and Climate Change Capital

Pascal Klein pitches Tire Recycling Smart Green Startup Jewel Pyrum Innovations

Alexander von Frankenberg introduces High-Tech Gründerfonds, Germany’s leading Seed VC

Antoine Gourdon pitches Water Treatment startup TMW Technologies at ECO11

Claudia Kemfert analyses the Economic Chances of the Green Economy

Staffan Hillberg pitches Greenhouse LED startup Heliospectra

Bruno Derungs of Climate Change Capital presents Cleantech for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

5th Munich Cleantech Conference on 14 July 2011 – Interview with Curt Winnen

Stephan Schuetz of gmp Architects envisions the Smart Green City TXL+ in Berlin Tegel

Ralf Fuecks of Heinrich Boell Foundation postulates Smart Green Economy Transformation

Ingo Walterscheid presents Design City Kolding in Denmark

Tilman Schwencke of Mainstream Renewable Power dives deep into Offshore Wind

Manfred Heil pitches Enterprise Sustainability Management Startup WeSustain

Mads Jensen pitches Smart Green Building Software Startup Sefaira

Peter Stein pitches Thermoelectric Generator Startup GreenTEG at ECO11

Nicole Roettmer of The CO-Firm on Carbon Business Models

Our Smart Green Business Network is looking for Clients, Sponsors and Partners

ECO11 Panel: Smart Green Utility of the Future

Die Smart Green City TXL+ als nachhaltiger Wettbewerbsvorteil für Berlin

Elon Musk – Super hero of the smart green economy

Third German Electric Vehicle Congress 8-9 June 2011 in Bonn

Smart Green Book: Al Gore’s Our Choice for iPhone and iPad

Bill McKibben live at Powershift 2011

Global Master Plan: Smart Green Economy, Cities, Companies and Consumers

GreenPocket: Starting up by Exploring the Smart Grid

Cradle to Cradle – William McDonough & Michael Braungart – Part 3

Cradle to Cradle – William McDonough & Michael Braungart – Part 1

Die Smart Green Economy braucht mehr Unternehmer und Investoren

ECO17 London Participants

Smart Green Economy Kongress am 24. und 25. März 2011 in Berlin

Meeting Germany’s Leading Seed Investor

Bright Future for Green Photonics

Futurists, Rejoice! The Cleantech Revolution Is Here

Gipfeltreffen der Smart Green Economy am 24. und 25. März 2011 in Berlin

Sustainable Social Mobility with Car and Ride Sharing

Call for Startups to Pitch at ECO11

TXLplus – Smart Green City in Berlin



Imprint (Impressum)



ECO17 London Sponsors

Building our Smart Green Economy by 2020

Masdar – Smart Green Desert City