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Kiwigrid, Mobisol, Kebony, Lumenaza, BEN Energy and Electrochaea win Ecosummit Award 2016 in Berlin

Jan Marckhoff pitches BEN Energy

Smart green lean startup panel with Cleantech Invest, Savosolar, Wellington Partners, Icos Capital and Ben Energy

Jan Marckhoff pitches Ben Energy from Switzerland

BEN Energy

Benjamin Kott pitches EnergyDeck

Kiwigrid raises Series C to build global energy IoT platform

Sonnen raises €76M Series D led by Envision Energy and targets IPO

Sonnenbatterie, Sunfire and Orcan Energy win Ecosummit Award 2014 at ECO14 Berlin

Sefaira, Ventive, Energydeck, Solarfuel, Carzapp and Ecosummit pitch at Ecosummit Lounge London

Joerg Fabri of Allocate recommends a holistic business strategy for the energy turnaround

McPhy Energy

ECO17 Berlin Participants

ECO17 Berlin Agenda

ECO17 Berlin Speakers

ECO16 Berlin Participants

ECO16 Berlin Agenda

ECO16 Berlin Speakers

ECO15 Berlin Participants

ECO15 Berlin Agenda

ECO15 Berlin Speakers

ECO14 Berlin Participants

ECO14 Berlin Agenda

ECO14 Berlin Speakers

ECO13 London Participants

ECO13 London Agenda

ECO13 London Speakers

ECO13 Berlin Participants

ECO13 Berlin Agenda

Call for cleantech startups to pitch at Ecosummit London 2013

ECO13 Berlin Speakers

Ecosummit Award 2017



ECO17 Stockholm Sponsors

ECO17 Stockholm Speakers

ECO17 Amsterdam Participants

ECO17 Berlin Sponsors

Smart green VCs you should know

Perfect pitch: How to raise money for your startup

ECO16 London Participants

ECO17 London Agenda

ECO16 London Agenda

Call for smart green startups: Pitch at ECO17 Berlin and apply for ECO17 Award and Ecosummit Europe 100

ECO16 London Speakers

ECO16 London Sponsors

Statkraft Ventures teams up with ETF Partners and leads $5M Series A in Greenbird from Norway

Ecosummit accelerates smart green London on 11 October 2016 at CodeNode

ECO17 London Speakers

ECO16 Amsterdam Speakers

ECO16 Amsterdam Sponsors

ECO16 Berlin Sponsors

ECO15 London Participants

ECO15 London Agenda

ECO15 London Sponsors

ECO15 London Speakers

ECO15 Berlin Sponsors

Ines Bergmann pitches corporate venture capital provided by E.ON

ECO14 London Participants

ECO14 London Agenda

ECO14 Award Jury

ECO14 London Speakers

ECO14 London Sponsors

Eternal Sun raises €2M Series A from Vermec

Sonnenbatterie raises €7.5M Series B from Munich Venture Partners, Chrysalix SET and Ecapital

Call for startups to pitch at Ecosummit London 2014 on 7-8 October

ECO14 Berlin Sponsors

Previewing Cleantech Forum 2014 in Stockholm with Richard Youngman

ECO13 London Sponsors

Rene Savelsberg pitches the investment strategy of Chrysalix SET

Thomas Goette pitches Greenpocket

Anna Yukiko Bickenbach interviews happy participants at Ecosummit Berlin 2013

Josefine Ahl pitches Oricane from Sweden

ECO13 Berlin Sponsors

Call for ambassadors to support Ecosummit London 2013

Smart green dealflow: Ubitricity, Saperatec, Skeleton, Waste2Chemical, O-Flexx and Romo Wind

ECO12 Düsseldorf Participants

ECO12 Düsseldorf Agenda

ECO12 Award Jury

Ecosummit Lounge London 2 May 2013

ECO12 Düsseldorf Speakers

ECO12 Düsseldorf Sponsors

Call for ambassadors to support Ecosummit Berlin 2013

ECO12 Award

ECO12 Berlin Participants

Lean cleantech startup – New Context Conference Tokyo 2012

Call for ambassadors to support Ecosummit Düsseldorf 2012

Solarcity files for IPO to build global smart green utility

Taavi Madiberk pitches the startup jewel Skeleton Technologies from Estonia

Ecosummit Lounge London at Taylor Wessing on 19 September 2012

ECO12 Berlin Speakers

ECO12 Berlin Sponsors

Tom Schulz presents how Entelios brings demand response to the market



ECO11 Berlin Participants

Pyrum Innovations

Ecosummit 2012 wird führendes Forum für Smart Green Innovation in Europa

ECO11 Berlin Agenda

Call for Ecosummit Ambassadors to join ECO12

Watson Brown HSM

Invitation to Ecosummit 2012 on 22-23 March in Berlin

Advanced Plasma Power

Smart Green Dealflow: HTGF, Better Place, Epyon, Heliospectra, Tiramizoo, Compositence, Novaled and Proterra

ECO17 Award Jury

ECO11 Berlin Speakers

ECO11 Sponsors

Google-Motorola Deal Accelerates Fusion of Mobile Economy and Smart Green Economy

5th Munich Cleantech Conference on 14 July 2011 – Interview with Curt Winnen

Global Master Plan: Smart Green Economy, Cities, Companies and Consumers

GreenPocket: Starting up by Exploring the Smart Grid

ECO17 London Participants

My Ecosummit 2011 Agenda Highlights

Meeting Germany’s Leading Seed Investor

Bright Future for Green Photonics

Gipfeltreffen der Smart Green Economy am 24. und 25. März 2011 in Berlin

ECO17 London Sponsors