ECO16 Award Application

Ecosummit Award

The application deadline for ECO16 Award is Sunday, 10 April 2016. You should only apply for the ECO16 Award if you are a smart green startup that develops an innovative product with promising growth potential and positive environmental impact. To get nominated you should have reached several milestones such as company foundation, experienced management team, advanced product development, backing from angels, accelerators or VCs, strategic partners, promising customer feedback or revenues.

To apply for the ECO16 Award, please create a public startup profile on Ecosummit Market. Once your profile is complete, you may apply directly on your profile by clicking on “Apply for Ecosummit Award 2016”. The more information you publish on your profile, the easier it is for the judges to evaluate your growth potential, product innovation and environmental impact.

Please note: We won’t nominate the 9 winners of the ECO15 Berlin and London Awards again for the Ecosummit Award 2016 because we want to find and promote 6 new winners in 2016.

We want to benefit from the intelligence and reach of our community and appreciate your help with spreading the word and motivating smart green startups to apply for Ecosummit Award 2016.

If you have any questions during the application process, feel free to email us at

One more thing: Your Ecosummit Market profile continues to be online after the Ecosummit Award 2016. You can generate new business leads with your Ecosummit Market profile so we recommend that you keep it up to date in the future, too. Thanks a lot for your application and cooperation.

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